Peter Briggs

Consultant | Sydney Office
+61 2 9390 8402 | +61 417 067 566

Peter is a highly skilled and experienced negotiator. He believes the most important faculties a lawyer can bring to a settlement conference are a determined ability to achieve a cost effective resolution resulting in certainty of outcome and cost.

He has developed a successful Resolution by Negotiation Program and his knowledge and industry expertise enables him to identify suitable claims for the Program. For example, certain categories of professional indemnity, medical negligence, aviation, marine, general insurance liability, construction and engineering, strata schemes and property have benefited from the Program. 

As far as Peter is concerned, the fact that almost all cases are resolved - rather than go to Hearing - tells us parties want to minimise their costs and risks and achieve certainty of outcome. A resolution is always there, but you have to work hard to find it.

This is not to say that claims should be settled without proper evaluation and investigation, but, after more than 20 years dealing in negotiated settlements, Peter realises that the longer a matter is left unresolved, the more likely it is that peripheral issues emerge, a party's resolve is hardened and the adversarial nature of a conflict become predominant. And, of course, costs are driven up.

Peter uses the Resolution by Negotiation Program in conjunction with the Firm’s Risk Management and Compliance offering.  Peter has extensive experience in Risk Managements processes for unlitigated claims where his proactive approach leads to an early resolution of claims and minimises the risks before clients incur the cost of litigation.

Peter is an integral part of the professional development team at Holman Webb.  He regularly holds seminars on pre-litigation planning and preparation and effective cost containment. He is a proponent for early resolution and his seminars have been effective in training all our lawyers on the Resolution by Negotiation Program.

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Peter's focus is resolution of a wide range of insurance claims. Through all matters, Peter works closely with the partners and teams in our national insurance group.
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Peter has organised settlement conferences that have had an outstanding effect on resolving claims. Peter talks to people. He engages with them and with their advisers. He moves in early to talk about issues and looks for opportunities to take the heat and emotion out of a claim. He works to encourage a realistic approach to claims by identifying substantive issues and talking about them realistically with the other party.

Peter's approach is to get things moving with an Issues Conference, early on, and then a Settlement Conference. He has been involved in insurance for a long time now and he makes good use of a friendly and determined nature to get the best result.

[fa icon="chevron-down"] Professional Memberships
Law Society NSW, Australian Insurance Law Association,  AILA Liaison Committee NSW, Medico-Legal Society NSW, Aviation Law Association, Australia and New Zealand.