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How is the ATO impacting insolvencies within the building and construction industries?

In April 2022, the ATO issued 50,000 letters of demand to company directors giving them 21 days to resolve tax liabilities.

Historically, once ATO and major banks start escalating collection activity, it’s not uncommon to see insolvencies rise.

This piece from Holman Webb's Commercial Recovery and Insolvency Group highlights the impact that the ATO's issuance of these letters is likely to have within the building and construction industries.

The importance of maintaining corporate records with ASIC: Energy Resources of Australia Limited [2022] FCA 176

The Federal Court of Australia’s recent judgment in the matter of Energy Resources of Australia Limited [2022] FCA 176 demonstrates the risks to resigning company directors when they, or the company, fail to notify ASIC of their resignation in a timely manner – as well as the consequent time, effort and costs needed to rectify these failures.

The decision is also a reminder that retiring directors wishing to avoid personal responsibility for a company’s conduct need to notify ASIC promptly and effectively.

New measures close the gap for electronic execution of documents by companies

Companies can now sign documents by electronic means and with directors using electronic signatures. 

On 10 February 2022, the Australian Senate passed the Corporations Amendment (Meetings and Documents) Bill 2021.  The passing of the Bill now clarifies the execution requirements of companies when signing documents (including deeds) - whether in physical or electronic form, or a hybrid of physical and electronic.

New Requirement for Directors to Register for a Director Identification Number

The new Director Identification Number regime commenced on Monday 1 November 2021. 

If you are a company director, you are now required to have your own unique Director Identification Number - a 15 digit identification number issued by the Australian Business Registry Services

You only need to apply for it once, and you keep it forever.

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