Webinar: Annualised Salaries - Changes effective 1 March 2020
Webinar: Annualised Salaries - Changes effective 1 March 2020
Monday 9 March 2020 / by Holman Webb posted in Workplace Relations Webinar Event

Major changes to 22 modern awards came into effect on 1 March. These changes focussed on record keeping, time-sheets and wage reconciliation to ensure that 'annual salary employees' are always paid either at or above award rates.

The changes brought with them new obligations for employers, including:

  • Having clear documentation of what's included in an employee's Annual Salary;
  • Having tools in place to record an employee's working hours, which then must be approved by the employee at each Pay Cycle; and
  • Implementing a process to review their worked hours to the outer limits of their agreements on both a pay cycle and an annual basis.

On Monday 16 March, Alicia Mataere, Special Counsel within Holman Webb's Workplace Relations Group will join Daniel WynerReadyTech's Chief Executive of Employment, and Paul Orford, ReadyTech's Compliance Product Manager to present a complimentary webinar focussed on:

  • Which awards does this apply to and how to identify award-based affected employees;
  • Employee Contracts and Outer limits;
  • RecordKeeping and reconciliations obligations; and
  • Practical implications for People & Payroll.

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