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Scenic Tours Left With $10 Million Damages Award After Substantially Failing in its Latest Appeal

The NSW Court of Appeal recently delivered an interesting judgment in the matter of Scenic Tours Pty Ltd v Moore [2023] NSWCA 74.

The Plaintiff in this matter, Mr David Moore, was the lead Plaintiff in a class action against Scenic Tours by thousands of disgruntled cruise ship passengers from multiple separate cruises.

For extra context, we suggest reading our 2020 article discussing Moore v Scenic Tours Pty Ltd [2020] HCA 17: Damages for ‘Disappointment and Distress’ Available to Consumers for Breaches of Consumer Guarantees for Travel and Recreational Contracts.

Case comment: Osei v P K Simpson Pty Ltd [2022] NSWCA13

In the 14 February 2022 decision in Osei v P K Simpson Pty Ltd [2022] NSWCA13, the Court of Appeal clarified an important issue regarding the cap on costs for personal injury damages matters, as set out in clause 2 of Schedule 1 to the Legal Profession Uniform Law Application Act (NSW) 2014.

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