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Insurance Webinar Recording: 2022 - A Year in Review

Click through to view a recording of Holman Webb's Insurance Group's first webinar of the year: 2022 - A Year in Review.  Presented by Partner and National Insurance Group Leader John Van de Poll on Thursday 2 March 2023, this webinar examined a range of significant cases from 2022.

Enhanced compliance obligations on insurers, scheme agents and self-insurers within the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme, and the need for compliance review

The NSW Government has recently proposed the State Insurance and Care Legislation Amendment Bill 2022.

The Bill proposes to extend certain regulatory, investigative and enforcement powers of the State Insurance Regulatory Authority to oversee and control iCare, self‑insurers and claims agents appointed pursuant to the workers compensation legislation.

If passed, the Bill will heighten the need for iCare, self-insurers, and claims agents to ensure compliance with the regulatory licensing requirements, and to ensure that where a breach occurs, steps are taken to:

  • rectify the breach;
  • give an appropriate undertaking; and to
  • ensure that no further breaches occur.

The proposed amendments were made in line with the McDougall review recommendations with the goal of improving outcomes for all stakeholders

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