Holman Webb Listed in 5-Star Insurance Awards 2021
Holman Webb Listed in 5-Star Insurance Awards 2021

Holman Webb Lawyers is proud to announce that we have been listed as a 5-Star Excellence Awardee in the recently released ‘5-Star Insurance Law Firms and Lawyers 2021’ list, compiled by  and Insurance Business Australia.

According to Insurance Business Australia:

Australasian Lawyer and Insurance Business teamed up to source feedback from leaders in the insurance industry over a period of 15 weeks. The research team began by conducting a survey with a wide range of insurance companies to determine what insurers value in the law firms they collaborate with. The in-depth information provided by participant insurers regarding their needs enabled the research team to assign weighted values for the services offered by law firms to their insurance-law clients.  

The research team also spoke to hundreds of insurance professionals across the region by phone. During these interviews, the professionals were asked to rate the insurance law firms with whom they had worked over the past 12 months. The research team also sought out the opinions of insurance lawyers themselves, enquiring about their recommendations of law firms other than the ones they were currently working with. 

At the end of the research period, the firms and lawyers that received the highest rankings in terms of work quality, specialist expertise and client service quality were declared 5-Star Excellence Awardees in the field of insurance law. 

For more information, and to view the complete list - CLICK HERE!

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