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Drone Laws: New Registration and Mandatory Reporting Scheme

In Holman Webb’s April 2020 article Drone (UAV) Laws: Focused on Safety or Keeping Australia Back?, we discussed the strict regulations surrounding the use of drones (aka Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or ‘UAVs’) within Australia. That article considered the impact of these regulations on Australia’s advancement with respect to UAV technology, especially within the agricultural and medical industries.

Since April 2020, the regulations have increased.

The Importance of Medical Records: Foti v Biordi [2021] NSWDC 496

In this case note, Insurance Special Counsel Joanne Vesper takes a look at the recent decision in Foti v Biordi [2021] NSWDC 496, delivered by Her Honour Judge Gibson of the NSW District Court on 16 September 2021.  Holman Webb Lawyers acted for the Defendants.

Holman Webb Lawyers Recognised as an Employer of Choice in The 2021 Australian Business Awards!

Holman Webb Lawyers is incredibly proud to have been recognised as an Employer of Choice in The 2021 Australian Business Awards!

The Australian Business Award for Employer of Choice recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices which demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations in New South Wales - an Update
Tuesday 5 October 2021 / by Nick Maley posted in Workplace Relations Mandatory Vaccination

With New South Wales edging closer to the 70% double-vaccination target required for the state to start ‘opening up’, and the associated changes to restrictions being rapidly made, Holman Webb’s Workplace Relations Group thought it timely to review the status of mandatory vaccinations for employees within New South Wales.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Can AI invent software?
Friday 17 September 2021 / by Tal Williams & Edita Grinbergs posted in Intellectual Property Protection Technology Law Artificial Intelligence Patents Intellectual Property Patents Act 1990

The Commissioner of Patents will appeal the Australian Federal Court’s recent decision in Thaler v Commissioner of Patents [2021] FCA 879, to allow machines to be recognised as inventors on a patent application, on the basis that the decision is ‘incompatible’ with Australian patent law

Infosys Technologies Limited v State Of Victoria [2021] VSCA 219
Wednesday 8 September 2021 / by Nick Maley & Peter Kefalas posted in Workplace Relations Long Service Leave Infosys Technologies Victorian Court of Appeal

In the recent decision of Infosys Technologies Limited v State Of Victoria [2021] VSCA 219, the Victorian Court of Appeal held that that an employer is not liable to make long service leave payments to former employees in circumstances where part of their employment has been undertaken outside Victoria, and where there is no sufficient connection between that external employment and the State of Victoria.

Put and Call Option Agreements in Residential Property Transactions

With a look at the recent matter of BP7 Pty Limited v Gavancorp Pty Limited [2021] NSWSC 265, Property Partner Robyn Chamberlain discusses Put and Call Option Agreements within the context of residential property transactions.

Decennial Liability Insurance Considered for Apartment Buildings in New South Wales

The New South Wales Government is considering ‘Decennial Liability’ insurance (or inherent defect insurance) - with the NSW Building Commission undertaking research, and due to report back to the Government in early 2022.

Webinar Recording: Avoiding Delta in the Workplace with Professor Catherine Bennett
Friday 27 August 2021 / by Alicia Mataere & Lee Pike posted in Workplace Relations Mandatory Vaccinations COVID-19 Delta Variant Professor Catherine Bennett

Presented by Professor Catherine Bennett, Deakin’s Chair of Epidemiology and Holman Webb Workplace Relations Partner Alicia Mataere and Associate Lee Pike on Thursday 26 August, this webinar examined the impact that COVID-19, and specifically the Delta strain, is set to impact Australian workplaces.

Click through to view the webinar recording, and to access the accompanying slides.

Working From Home With Kids: What Options Do Employers Have With Working Parents?

When working parents are struggling to balance remote learning and their own responsibilities as an employee during lockdown, employers often wonder what options are available for them to help their staff.

As each employee’s circumstances will be different, it is impossible to apply a blanket rule - so the best way for employers to assist their employees in managing their individual responsibilities during lockdown is to have a full understanding of the options available to them.

In this article we explore three key options for employers:

  1. Flexible Working Arrangements
  2. Schedule X – Pandemic Leave Award Provisions
  3. COVID-19 Long Service Leave Amendments

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