New Version of the Code of Conduct - Reminder to Update Links

A new version of the Code of Conduct came into effect on 18 April 2017.  Members are reminded to update the links on websites and other electronic communications to remain compliant with Clause 11.4 of the Code.

MARA recommends that the link be made to this page of the MARA site to ensure the link remains up to date when the version changes. If a link is created to the pdf version of the Code on the MARA website, it becomes inoperative when a new version is uploaded.

In view of the above Code version change, it is also an opportune time to remind members of their obligations as they relate to online advertising. According to MARA, when advertising online, migration agents must:

  • Display their MARN (or that of the Principal) on all company websites, company social media sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) and company advertisements. Note, if an agent has a personal profile on a company website then their MARN must be displayed on their profile page.
  • Include a link to the Code of Conduct on all company websites
  • Not make any guarantees of success

Members are encouraged to check their company’s online advertising presence regularly. 

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